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Large Real Butterfly Wing in Bottle From and For Conservation

Large Real Butterfly Wing in Bottle From and For Conservation

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Real butterfly wing (from and for conservation) in borosilicate glass bottle. Size Large vial is equivalent to 1oz liquid measurement. Wings are carefully inserted by hand, according to their anatomy. They do not fade like flora.

Corks can be removed. Crystals, stones and marbles are secured on, and removal should not be attempted.

Marbles are hand made in Missouri USA.

High quality faceted crystals make oodles of rainbows. Sourced in USA.

Standard wings include many colors, especially neutral shades and earth-tones.

Premium wings include most metallic colors, intricate patterns, and more coveted specimens. 

Isms works with over 1000 species of butterflies, moths, and other insects. You will receive what is currently available, which changes quickly. Feel free to make requests and we’ll do our best to accommodate you or find a similar substitute. All wings used are beautiful, especially those with life marks that show they lived a full life.

Bottle sizes may vary slightly based on availability.

See our FAQ and about pages to learn more.

Ethically sourced and funds conservation.

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