What sets Isms apart?


Our insect specimens come from many places, all of which are ethical and result in supporting conservation. Most of our specimens come from conservation groups and individuals working for habitat preservation all over the world. Many insects have occasions where congregations result in numerous found specimens. We except donations from fans and friends. The rest are found by ourselves.

Jewelry Process

All of Isms jewelry is handmade by Holly Ulm using a proprietary process that renders the wings durable, prismatic, and waterproof. Initial assessments, dissection, hydration chambers, scale setting resulting in color preservation (unaltered), and repairs are performed first. At this time it is decided which of approximately 20 processes will be used, based on properties of each wing. The next process uses a minimum of 5 coats of jewelry-grade bio-epoxy to seal the wings. This product is greener than most, non-toxic, has a high tensile strength and will not yellow over time. The wings are hand shaped and planed using a tool spinning approximately 100,000 rotations per minute. This requires an intimate knowledge of wing properties, and results in the erasure of many life marks and tattered edges. The wing is then designed into one of a kind jewelry. Some become dainty necklaces. Others become huge statement pieces. Demure bridal jewelry. Prismatic earrings. And so on. 

No casts, molds, base metals, or plastic lamination sheets are used.


We’ve done some of the most ridiculous things to our wings to test their durability and resiliency. From 60 day chlorinated water submersion, to 6 months on the ground in a heavy traffic area in mostly weather below freezing. Heat tests. Flex tests. You name it. That, plus over 13 years of making and selling this insect wing jewelry, leaves me thinking you can trust me (and thousands of customers)  

Shadow Box Process

All materials are archival quality and properties. Waterproof papers are printed with reproductions of original ink illustrations by Holly Ulm, or vintage images. Insect wings are incorporated into the designs, and set in glass front shadow box frames. Although our sister studio, Idle Hands Wood Shop, makes shadow box frames, we also use manufactured and vintage frames to allow for variety.

The Evergreen Collection features long-time favorite images, and are produced in manufactured frames to allow for a lower price point.

Seasonal Collections use both manufactured and Idle Hands shadow box frames, as denoted.

The Conserve Anima Signature Collection are singular pieces using vintage and Idle Hands frames. 

All framed art comes with an artist signed certificate of authenticity; story card; and simple care notes.


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