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Real Wing Confetti Jar { Ethically Sourced } Funds Conservation

Real Wing Confetti Jar { Ethically Sourced } Funds Conservation

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Elevate your space with Isms' little wonders – beautiful bits of real butterfly wings encased in borosilicate glass bottles. Ethically sourced, these mesmerizing specimens fund vital butterfly repopulation and land conservation efforts.

Unveil a spectrum of colors, from common hues to metallic marvels and intricate patterns. Note: Our selection rotates; you'll receive a surprise, but feel free to make requests.

Our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures every wing supports conservation. Learn more on our FAQ page.

With a 40% decline in invertebrates over 40 years, and endangered butterfly species, support our long-distance pollinators covering 5 to 55 miles.

Discover the symbolism of butterflies – talismans for change, evolution, and courage through life's transitions.

Thank you for joining us in this impactful journey. Together, we can achieve more!
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