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Real Butterfly Glass Jar, Green Dragontail Butterfly Tail Wing (Lamproptera meges) in borosilicate glass bottle, Long Bottle

Real Butterfly Glass Jar, Green Dragontail Butterfly Tail Wing (Lamproptera meges) in borosilicate glass bottle, Long Bottle

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Real butterfly hind swallowtail wing in borosilicate glass bottle. Species: Green Dragontail (Lamproptera meges) from Philippines. Long thin bottle. Ethically sourced and funds conservation. Amazing vein patterns reminiscent of skeletons, with translucent windows through the wing membranes. Extremely long tail for the small size of this species. So striking!

Swallowtails are believed to have developed long tails as a decoy to birds chasing them. A bird could bite off a portion of this tail while perusing them, and the butterfly could still live and fly away to see another day.

We received a large number of these specimens after a large congregation of procreation activities. Almost all are male, as they die shortly after mating. Females will live a bit longer, as they disperse to lay eggs.

Choice of cork, or handmade in USA glass marble closure. Corks can be removed, though it is not recommended. Marbles are secured, and cannot be removed.


Specimens are ethically sourced, helping to fund efforts in butterfly repopulation and land conservation. See our FAQ page learn more about our process, where we get our wings, why we care about pollinator conservation, and how you can help.


Invertebrates on our planet have declined by approximately 40% in the last 40 years. Monarch butterflies have plummeted in numbers so drastically that they are currently being petitioned for protected status under the endangered species act. There are 9 endangered species of butterfly in North America currently. Butterflies are long distance pollinators. We need bees to pollinate in about a 5-mile radius, AND we need butterflies to carry genetic diversity/strength (up to 55 miles in a day) with their pollination. I’d like to see us all do our small part to ensure insects have a place on our planet. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep eating. The old-fashioned way.


Without change, there would be no butterflies. Butterflies are powerful symbols for change, evolution, and transformation. There are many cultural, spiritual, and group associations with butterflies. I hear many stories of butterflies as messengers from other planes and the great beyond. I hope you’ll find your wings are a talisman of courage for all of life’s changes, and grace for all of life’s choices.

Thank you for your support of our efforts. Together we can do even more than we can alone!

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