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Isms Butterfly Conservation Art

Pegasus Horse Framed Art with Real Butterfly Wing

Pegasus Horse Framed Art with Real Butterfly Wing

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A horse lover's dream come true, this horse has a real butterfly wing incorporated. Giving the comfort vibes of a horse fantasy worthy flight of fancy. A perfect piece for daydreams while having a gaze. Reproduction of original ink illustration by Holly Ulm with ethically sourced butterfly wings. Purchase funds conservation. Printed using acid-free archive-quality materials on waterproof paper. Framed in an 8x8 black shadow box with glass front. Each piece is one of a kind, and includes a certificate of authenticity label on the back with the artist’s signature. Information on the piece is included. Even prettier in person.

Standard wings tend to be more muted tones, while premium wings are more colorful, patterned and/or metallic. Species availability changes rapidly. All wings come assorted based on current availability.

Fantastic product information is included in an eco-friendly format that makes a tidy shelf appearance, and an interactive experience for the recipient. The product tag is a biodegradable straw (attached with a small leather band) with two scrolls of recycled cotton paper artfully placed inside. The scrolls contain information about how to use the straw as a helper insect home, the product, and butterfly conservation with an optimistic and science-based tone. 

First orders receive a thorough product FAQ, sales tip sheet and shelf signs. See our display packages. 

This piece makes a perfect horse gift for equestrian riders, horse owners, English riders, dressage, horse lovers, girlfriends, wives, mother’s day, birthdays, bedroom art, farm themes, barn animal decor, farm girls, hobby farm house warmings, and other times where a gift of equine beauty is welcome.

Butterfly wings don’t fade like flowers. Their powdery and hair-like coverings are actually tiny layered scales (about 10,000 per square inch). Many scales aren’t pigmented, rather they bend light similar to making rainbows.

Butterflies are powerful symbols of transformation, new beginnings and ethereal beauty, in addition to being important pollinators. While most bees cover a 5 mile radius, butterflies can fly around 55 miles a day. The cross-pollination they offer plants is important to their genetic health.

Every specimen is naturally deceased and ethically sourced. Supporting butterfly conservation efforts internationally.

All of Isms products are created in the Northwoods of Minnesota, USA. A woman-owned family company. 

May this pegasus horse art serve as a talisman, connecting you to the power of nature while calling in freedom and elevation. 

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