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Isms Butterfly Conservation Art

Angler Fish with Real Butterfly Wings Framed Art

Angler Fish with Real Butterfly Wings Framed Art

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Angler fish framed butterfly shadow box art. Bioluminescence is iconic to deep ocean angler fish. The dazzling colors of real butterfly wings pay respect to this natural wonder by replacing the legendary deep sea fish fins. A deep sea art piece sure to evoke a quiet (almost pleasant) unsettling. 

Reproduction of original ink illustration by Holly Ulm with ethically sourced butterfly wings supporting conservation internationally. Acid-free archive-quality materials. Framed in a ready to hang 8x8x1.5 inch black shadow box with glass front, which is also deep enough to sit on a shelf. Each piece is one of a kind, and includes a certificate of authenticity with the artist’s signature.

Customize this dark sea marine life decor with your choice of real butterfly wings.

Standard wings tend to be more muted tones, while premium wings are more colorful, patterned and/or metallic. Species availability changes rapidly. All wings come assorted based on current availability.

May this butterfly angler fish art serve as a talisman of the deep, connecting you to the power of nature while calling in mystery and intuition. 

Angler fish art makes a perfect moody deep sea gift with fish vibes for dark ocean decor, skeleton fish themes, naughty nautical themes, goth style, funky house warming, and other times where a gift of deep sea art is welcome.

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