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Virtue Balls Game Awareness Tool and Conversation Starter - Eudaemonia - Virtues

Virtue Balls Game Awareness Tool and Conversation Starter - Eudaemonia - Virtues

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Virtue awareness game and tool. With use and conversation guide. Eudaemonia is a Greek concept meaning happiness, well-being; a person’s state of excellence characterized by objective flourishing across a lifetime, and brought about through exercise of moral virtue, practical wisdom, and rationality.

I made a set of these over a decade ago as a tool for my own children, and I can't believe the conversation, awareness and fun they've brought our family. They've lived in a bingo wheel on our kitchen table since. Guests love to "see which ball they get" as much as we do. I started making these to sell, as they've brought so much goodness to our home.

Virtues are building blocks of humanity, and are at the foundation of every religion. Every virtue has an opposing vice, and mindfulness is key to choosing between them.

These balls can be used for:

♣ Personal awareness

♣ Initiating conversation

♣ Teaching children how virtues play rolls in our lives

Draw a ball, and try some of these questions, or one of your own…

♣ How has this virtue shown up in your life?

♣ What’s a time you saw this virtue in action?

♣ When have you wished there was more of this virtue at play?

♣ How would the world look if this virtue didn’t exist?

♣ What could you do to cultivate more of this virtue in your life?

♣ What circumstances make this virtue difficult for you to achieve?

Choice of:

25 - 1 1/2" wood balls

49 - 1" wood balls

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