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Isms Butterfly Conservation Art

Tiny Real Butterfly Wing Necklace (Choice of 2)

Tiny Real Butterfly Wing Necklace (Choice of 2)

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Choice of Wing

Elevate your accessory game with our limited edition Real Butterfly Wing Necklace! Each piece features a unique, ethically sourced butterfly or moth wing, carefully preserved to showcase its intricate details. Choose from two gorgeous color options: a vibrant yellow wing from the dogface butterfly or a patterned wing from the geometry moth.

The necklace measures 17 inches in length and is made with a copper chain adorned with turquoise beadwork for a unique and eye-catching look. It is finished with a sturdy lobster claw clasp for easy wear.

By purchasing one of our necklaces, you're also contributing to important efforts in butterfly repopulation and land conservation. We take pride in sourcing our wing specimens ethically and supporting causes that promote pollinator conservation. Head to our FAQ page to learn more about our process and how you can get involved!

Upgrade your jewelry collection with our Real Butterfly Wing Necklace – choose your color and support a worthy cause!

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