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Isms Butterfly Conservation Art

Real Glasswing Butterfly Wing Earrings on Gold Hooks

Real Glasswing Butterfly Wing Earrings on Gold Hooks

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Admire the breathtaking beauty of real Glasswing butterfly wings with these unique earrings. Each wing has been carefully preserved and paired with 14/20 gold ear hooks to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. The earrings you will receive are the exact ones shown in the photos.

Our glass wing butterfly wings are ethically sourced, supporting efforts in butterfly repopulation and land conservation. We believe in responsible sourcing and are committed to protecting these delicate creatures. For more information on our process, where we get our wings, and our dedication to pollinator conservation, please see our FAQ page.

Wearing these earrings not only allows you to showcase their natural beauty, but also helps to raise awareness for important conservation efforts. With your purchase, you can make a positive impact and play a part in helping preserve these stunning creatures for future generations.

Thank you for choosing our real Glasswing butterfly earrings. We hope you will wear them with pride and share in our mission to protect these precious pollinators.

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